Top 10+ TV Shows You Need to Watch


Hi there, I can't believe it's already August!!
Today's post is going to be about TV Shows. Everyone loves them and have they're favorite from the old ones to the new ones. Since I was little that I've been watching TV Shows and I've always loved to, it's good to have something to make us company during the years and to wait for, don't you think?
Also is really good to know more actors and to love their job. Most of my favorite actors are from TV Shows.

So, now I am going to show you my top 10+ of TV Shows that I've been watching over the years and I'll always love! (Not by this order)

1. Vampire Diaries 

2. Ankward

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. Gilmore Girls

5.The Good Wife

6. Gossip Girl

7. 90210

8. Downtown Abbey

9. Reign

10. Game of Thrones

11. Teen Wolf

12. Grey's Anatomy

13. Parenthood

14. Orange is the New Black

15. Shameless US

There are much more but these ones are definitely my favorite.
Did you watch any of these TV Shows? which one is your favorite?
Leave your opinion in the comments :)

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2 comentários

  1. Shameless is definitely one of my favourites! Probably one of my favourite shows ever, actually! I haven't watched Games of Thrones yet, which is surprising, but maybe I'll give it a shot, soon! Everyone keeps talking about it.

    1. I love shameless US but i don't like the UK ahah. GOT is really goos, there are people that don't like it but yes, you should give it a try :)